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Our Story

De-c/bel is a new band combining an indie rock sound with experimental influences. The band was started by Mik, who moved to the U.S. from Argentina and Ecuador at a very young age. He formed the band under direction of well known TV and Radio personality Matt Pinfield in late 2014, Mik began searching for the perfect lineup in the winter of 2015. Finally, the perfect mix came together by the spring of 2016 with Mike on drums, Rocky on vocals, and Mik on guitar and keyboard.

Matt Pinfield and Mik came up with the name “De-c/bel (Decibel)” while in the middle of super storm “Sandy”. They were meeting up to talk about few ideas and were forced to drive to a restaurant to find electricity. While at the restaurant, Matt suggested the idea of Mik starting a new project and co-writing songs with Mik. They both started to travel to the mountains of Pennsylvania in the look for inspiration while away from the city life, spending weekends listening to the best records and watching music documentaries while writing and recording every idea.

De-c/bel (Decibel) seemed like the perfect representation of both sound and energy, and in that moment it carried extra resonance as an idea that could deliver the electricity and light that were needed in the midst of a storm. With the formation of This Is Decibel three years later, the band builds on this origin with music reminiscent of calm in the middle of a storm, with touches of electricity.

Decibel has found a reliable residence, accepted amongst rock-faithful for their muscular guitar riffs, melodic hooks, and an easily digestible delivery that’s blanketed in familiarity. Their music leaps, gyrates, and contorts, while the sheer enthusiasm of the band transforms its underlying retro vibes into something totally fresh.

The band shows itself to be incredibly ambitious and amazing in the way it fulfills those ambitions. They skillfully combine a classic rock style with their own hard-hitting vocals and lyrics for an amazing new sound. There is just something awesome about the way Rocky sings and the accompanying music. It’s so original, intricate, polished…yet raw and visceral!